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A product of Clarke Healthcare, Wheelable is a distributor of portable shower wheelchairs for independent users in non-wheelchair accessible bathrooms.

Created with several unique features that make everyday situations more adaptable, Wheelable features ease of maneuverability and storage. Folding wheelchairs, flip-up arms, waterproof seats and large wheels that move smoothly over many surfaces make this chair comfortable and great for long or short bating or transfer periods.

Create a more independent and reliable environment by changing your bathing, toileting and shower chair.

We offer the full line of Wheelable products, please contact us for a personalized consultation on the products you are interested in.

WheelAble Shower and Commode Chair by Seatara
Retail: $1,500.00
Your Savings: $721.00 (48 %)
Foldable and Compact Design
Easy to Travel and Light Weight
220lbs. Weight Capacity
WheelAble Shower and Commode Chair by Seatara