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TFH Special Needs Toys

At TFH Special Needs Toys, they are passionate about developing items that help users (typically children) with everyday learning and living skills.

Starting the company in 1983 with the Full Support Swing Seat, the company evolved and continues to create innovative sensory products for homes, therapy facilities, daycares, group homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, wellness programs, churches and more.

With a full line to create an entire Sensory Room, TFH Special Needs Toys has consultants to help design the perfect items to implement into your programming room to get the most out of your child’s learning experience.

Explore visual, auditory, tactile, body movement, motor and communication skills with a wide line of sensory and seating that is perfect for your child’s growing and learning.

We offer the full line of TFH Special Needs Toys products, please contact us for a personalized consultation on the products you are interested in.