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SPIO Neoprene Back Panel for TLSO Vest

SPIO Neoprene Back Panel for TLSO Vest

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The SPIO Neoprene Back Panel is a replacement part for the TLSO Vest.

Product Specifications:

  • Please note, this is a replacement panel only, TLSO vest not included
  • Micro perforated Neoprene
  • Order the size that corresponds with your TLSO vest
  • Warranty Info:90 Days Each system is guaranteed for fit, materials, and workmanship. SPIO will exchange, replace, or refund the orthosis system within 90 days. Abuse or undue rough wear and tear will void the warranty. This includes improper washing, undue abrasion or improper use beyond normal wear and tear.

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    Things to Know
    Washing Instructions: SPIO™ systems are machine washable in warm or cold water with like materials. Hang to dry. Do not wash any systems that have a hook and loop with towels. Towels can get caught in the hook and loops and will lessen the attachment ability.

    Need a replacement part for you SPIO TLSO Vest? Order the Replacement Neoprene Back Panel today!

    Color: black
    Manufacturer: Spio

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