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Pediatric Play & Recreation

Fun and Function meet in pediatric play tools for those with special needs.

From Tumble Forms to tricycles, swings to wagons and even a barrel -- there's fun for children with special needs. We have it here. Browse our selection of toys for special needs children as well as fun and developmental special needs playground equipment.
Enjoy an array of toys for special needs children like Rifton's small, medium, and large trikes which come in colorful paint schemes and feature accessories from rear steering to an abductor and handlebar options. A Ready Racer from Tumble Forms 2 is designed for those from 18 months to 5 years to use indoors. There's also a scooter board and a rocker balance board for not just fun but also to develop neuromotor control.

Looking for special needs playground equipment that's both fun and functional for development? You'll find it here.

Visit our virtual catalog to see our clients' favoriate recreation and play products for children with special needs. CLICK HERE