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Pediatric Bathing & Pediatric Hygiene

Special needs bathing and hygiene made easy for caregivers

One of the key challenges of home healthcare is meeting the bathing/hygiene needs of special needs children. Therefore, special needs bath equipment is absolutely necessary. Fear no more, we've got you covered.
The Blue Wave Shower & Bath Chair by Rifton is a popular piece of special needs bath equipment that comes in three sizes, and is multi-positional with an optional pair of head blocks and an additional chest strap. The system also offers optional tub stand and a shower stand outfitted with rolling, locking casters.

Another special needs bath equipment option is the Snug Seat Swan Pediatric Shower, Bath & Potty Chair. These pediatric bath chairs include a built-in pommel and deep side walls for maximum lateral support. A rust-proof stainless steel frame features height-adjustable legs so that the unit can be rolled atop toilets.

Tumble Forms provides a 2 Starfish Bath Chair in four sizes and features extra-soft, breathable mesh material that is removable for machine washing and comes in four color choices. An adjustable hip belt and chest belt are included with these pediatric bath chairs. Optional abduction strap and head laterals are available also.

Take the stress out of these chores by investing in the right special needs bath equipment and pediatric bath chairs.

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