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Guldmann Slings

The goal of Guldmann is to provide safety and comfort for all customers of a variety of needs and their unique uses. With focus on trying to simplify their slings so that everyone can easily use them, their slogan is ABC: Active, Basic and Custom.

The Active slings require full participation from the caregiver and user. They lift the user from various positions to different places or to another desired position. The Basic slings are acceptable for most users and are easy to use, whereas the custom slings are made to accommodate each individuals specific and unique needs. All slings are considered lifting slings. Also available is the disposable sling option that supports the full body including the head which is unique.

Not only could a Guldmann sling offer you the utmost amount of safety, but also comfort.

We offer the full line of Guldmann Slings products, please contact us for a personalized consultation on the products you are interested in.