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Epical Solutions

Epical Solutions is a specialty, durable medical equipment developer that specializes in the production of the FreeWheel which is attached to the foot rests on rigid and folding wheelchairs for more stability and makes them easier to push.

Outings become much easier with the FreeWheel, be it on carpet or outdoors on a grassy trail. Reduce stress on the body with a longer wheelbase and lower resistance and drag. When not in use, simply store the FreeWheel behind your seat.

Another great offering from Epical Solutions are WheelBlades. WheelBlades are skis for wheelchairs and strollers and help your device move more easily through the snow making transport easier for both the user and for the caregiver.

Update your wheelchair with the FreeWheel for an extra wheel as stability for the great outdoors or with the WheelBlades for snowy surfaces and go wherever you want no matter the season.

We offer the full line of Epical Solutions products, please contact us for a personalized consultation on the products you are interested in.