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Cozzia provides independence, pain relief, relaxation and comfort via massage. Many of their chairs include massage/heat therapy, chromotherapy lighting, and even music to help the relaxation process!

The goal is to ignite your senses to help you live a full and healthy life. Along with many other great features, the Cozzia Chairs includes zero gravity feature which is helpful for back pain as it decompresses the spine.

With chairs available that not only help you while you sit, there are chairs from this line that help you stand up with a lift aid, those that feature Trendelenburg and many more. With great service, the feeling of independence and relief you will feel in your joints, muscles and even your immune system, Cozzia is the pain relief chair that belongs in your home.

We offer the full line of Cozzia products, please contact us for a personalized consultation on the products you are interested in.

Cozzia Mobility Seating MC-510
Retail: $2,499.99
Your Savings: $800.99 (32 %)
Zero-Gravity Positioning
Easy to Adjust for Optimal Comfort
300lbs. Weight Capacity
Cozzia Mobility Seating MC-510

Cozzia Mobility Seating MC-520
Retail: $2,999.99
Your Savings: $1,000.99 (33 %)
Lift Chair with Massage and Heat Therapy
Features Trendelenburg Positioning
Suitable for 100-300lbs. Weight Capacity
Cozzia Mobility Seating MC-520

Cozzia R4 Massage Chair 16027 - FREE White Glove Delivery!
Retail: $3,899.99
Your Savings: $1,200.99 (31 %)
Includes Six Massage Methods
Trendelenburg (Zero-Gravity) Positioning
includes FREE White Glove Delivery
Cozzia R4 Massage Chair 16027 - FREE White Glove Delivery!