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"The new SonderCare bed is wonderful! The new Molift Smart 150 lift is a piece of equipment we should have ordered years ago. Together they are making our lives a lot easier. The installers were great and had the bed into our daughter's bedroom and set up in a flash. No kidding, these two guys were really nice and did a terrific job. They called a few days before delivery, and the day before delivery, they called again to tell us the delivery time, they deserve some praise. Thank You again for helping us get this much needed equipment. The lift and bed are really helping.

-LB 1/2020

"I found Adaptive Specialties ("AS") on Amazon, where I have bought health supplies for my mom and spent thousands of dollars doing so, and contacted Hill-Rom to confirm AS is an authorized retail partner. Hill-Rom confirmed AS is a long-time premier Hill-Rom partner and AS's Brian O., whom I had been working with, is very knowledgeable about Hill-Rom's hospital beds and mattresses for home use. My mom has been in and out of hospitals since she suffered a stroke two years ago and most technicians who work for Hill-Rom's competitors told me that Hill-Rom makes the best hospital beds, period! If they had a choice, they would buy a Hill-Rom bed and mattress for their loves ones for use at home. I purchased and received a Hill-Rom CareAssist ES bed and 310 Wound Surface mattress yesterday. A Hill-Rom expertly assembled the bed and mattress at my house. So far, the bed and mattress have exceeded my expectations in how comfortable they are for my mother to sleep on and for me to care for her as a single caregiver, from tube feeding to changing her in bed to providing her oral care in the dinning chair position. I have to sleep (on a couch) near my mom, for various reasons, so I can see her and the control for the 310 Wound Surface mattress is so quiet, it's like day and night compared to the best low air loss mattress, made by a strong Hill-Rom competitor, my mom's HMO rented for her; which we had to live with for several months. I waited to buy a Hill-Rom bed and mattress because my mom's medical doctors kept giving us the impression that she had very little time to live. I finally ignored her doctors' pessimism and bought the Hill-Rom CareAssist ES and 310 Wound Surface with the 3 year extended warranty with the intention of using them to help my mom better fight her illness and to provide her with the best quality of life while we fight for her life.

-P. H. 2016

"Thank you so much for walking my family through the process of selecting the right bed and mattress for wife's needs. Last night was the first night in countless months she was able to sleep through the night."

-Pete 1/16

"WOW, they found a cord for my feeding pump when no one else wanted to spend time on it. Thank you!

-Brenda 12/15

I needed a long hospital bed and Adaptive Specialties found a beautiful bed that does not look like a hospital bed but works just like one. My house does not look like a hospital any more.

-Mary 10/15

I order medical supplies for my daughter, it is so easy, just email and it arrives quickly.

-Lucy 4/155

"You are awesome. Thank you."

-Annette 12/2014

"My members and I had such a positive and wonderful experience with your company. Thank you…and we will be in touch."

-Roberto 11/2014

"I received my product in good time, it was exactly what I ordered, and worked perfectly. Thank you for having it available at a reasonable price and with free shipping. I would definitely order from you again."

-John 5/2014

"It(a Janibel receptacle) did arrive! I got it Friday, and have been so busy with things at church and our own Christmas party - I didn’t have a second to spend on the computer to write to tell you! And - the BEST!! It works like it is supposed to!! Hurray! Thank you ever so much for all your help in this matter - your frequent updating.. I don’t know of any company that can compare to your wonderful Customer Service! Not 4 or 5 stars but at least 10!! :-) You may quote me! Thank you gain – from the bottom of my heart!

-B from Florida 12/16

"Thanks so much. You are amazing, you never let me down."

-T from Missouri 2014

"Just thought you might want to know that we got this product the day after you ordered it for us. Better yet, both extenders were easy to install and work like a charm. Many thanks."

-R 2014

"Thank you again ....... You've been nothing but helpful throughout this stressful time and for that I am very grateful. All the best to you."

-Mark 2014

"The bed is fantastic and we do not need the rails. So we will leave it alone for now. Thank you again so much for everything. You were incredible to work with."

-Debbie 2014

"Adaptive Specialties does an outstanding job of dealing with our bids. They are very quick to get us those bids back to us so we can authorize the equipment. Adaptive Specialties gets the items ordered in a very timely manner. Adaptive Specialties is a trusted and reliable recommendation for your Assistive Technology needs."

-Cheryl 12/2018

"Awesome, Great to hear. Thank you so much for letting me know. So nice to receive such excellent customer service. Have a great day!"

-Sandra 7/2019

I did receive it and think it’s marvelous! I would think once someone experiences your level of customer service and vast product offering, they are going to love working with you!!!! Thank you again for being such a wonderful partner! We could not meet the needs of our clients nearly as well without your help. Hopefully, your services will be able to stretch far & wide and every family will reap the benefits of your company."

-Jacqueline 11/2019

"I don't know how to thank you but thanks a million, if it wasn't for you I would not have done nothing. Thank you, you are my angel. you make miracles come true, thanks a lot. I will let you know it works.

-RB, NM 11/2019

"The process was smooth and price was right. Thank you for all of your help, you have been great."

-Joe 6/2019

"Yes, We received the stroller. It Is better than we imagined. Our school kids and staff were so excited to get it set up and try it out with our student. We found your company through our community occupational therapist and with some research looking into a better outdoor chair for our student. Our deciding reason was your overall customer support with getting us the best chair for the price we could afford. Thank you again for your help with getting us that amazing discount. I don't think there could have been anything else you could have done. You kept in contact, followed up on everything and made this purchase super easy for our school to help better the life of one of our students.Thanks again,"

-Amy 6/2019

"Thank you! The assembly team did an amazing job putting the beds together. Indeed, the individuals we serve do love these beds. I appreciate your follow up and assistance."

-Alyx 10/2018

"I just spoke with your rep. going over an order form for the purchase of the Frontier V6 all terrain wheelchair, what wonderful customer service. This is a big purchase that would make anyone nervous to spend on line but with the service I received today I'm happy to say I don't feel I would go to any other place. Thank you Cricket for all your help and I look forward to working with you soon."

-Jim 2018

"I am so excited. I am in tears :D I'm so excited for him. It all worked out for him. I'm so happy thank you so much. To see my little boy smile when he saw his tricycle just made my whole year :) thank you again for working so hard with us. I'm so excited :)"

-Kayla 2017

"Thank you ever so much - you have been so helpful - keeping me well informed on the state of the situation! Even leaving me a phone message just before Thanksgiving! I trust you had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving with family and or friends. And opting to replace the entire order! Unheard of in these days of minimal - if any- customer service! I think I’ve told you your customer service is outstanding – But here it is again--- Your service to your customers is above and beyond the norm. Thank you again!"

-Barbara 11/2016

"Thanks for this info. You have been AMAZING with helping in this process. I really appreciate it! You truly care about helping and this is evident. Thank you!"

-Rachel 10/2018

"I would like you to know that you’re by far one of the BEST customer services reps I’ve EVER worked with! I’m in the middle of our 2018-19 budget and have requested over 40 quotes and have never received one within an hour. Thank you very much!

-Beth, 2018

"Thank you for the sheet sets and please know that my husband and I are very grateful for your gift but especially for your kind words."


"Thank you – I knew you'd take care of things very quickly! By the way, I love having your company there to shop prices and help our clients."

-Mary 2014

"Thank you for your fine service. I would recommend Adaptive Specialties to anybody. Your follow through, your honesty, and the great way you expedited my requests were greatly appreciated. I have never dealt with a finer business. You know your business and your demeanor, your friendly manner and personality were just the "icing on the cake." Thank you for a great business experience."

-John G. 2014

"I appreciate how quickly Adaptive Specialties responded in ordering and delivering my son's equipment. Every thing was just as they said it would be. They were responsive to all of my needs and answered all of my questions."

-Alison, Client's Mother

"Our company, The Dahlberg Group, LLC has been purchasing Assistive Technology devices for the children in our program (Part C EDEA) from Adaptive Specialties for most of the last year. We have found the team to be professional, organized, honest and committed to the demands of special needs children. She also offers a very personal touch that we rarely find among our other vendors. We are very pleased with all aspects of our business relationship with Adaptive Specialties."

-Tim, First Steps

"Thank you, you are such a great help. I couldn't ask for anything more. This is the kind of help and assistance people like me need."

-Marvin, Client

"I am so overwhelmingly happy to have my husband David's very own, wonderful Hill-Rom hospital bed in our new home. This brings his home-coming a giant step closer. David is thrilled too. Anything that makes home closer makes us both happy. The tech and the delivery people were all excellent and the delivery went smoothly.
Things are finally going our way. Thank you so much for all your help and understanding."

-Martha, Client's Spouse

"Thanks for everything you did to make our transition from the hospital work so smoothly :) And our daughter loves her new bed and mattress. We couldn't imagine this would be such a seemless process. We look forward to working with you in the future."

-Shauna, Caregiver

"Whenever a need for equipment arises, especially when Medicaid won't cover it, clients stress over how to gain access to vendors as well as over how much it will cost them. A single telephone call to Adaptive Specialties yields a plethora of information. Instead of the client, a caregiver, or a trustee having to spend hours researching and telephoning vendors to ask questions, they do the research, weed out what is going to ultimately turn out to be inappropriate or insufficient to meet the client's needs, price shop to get the best and lowest price at the maximum quality and capacity, and coordinate ordering, payment, and delivery. The best part is that I know my clients are able to take advantage of the significant cost savings available through Adaptive Specialties. It's discount prices with premium service. This is a truly invaluable service that has made life better for clients and my job so much easier."

-Mary 2012

"I Just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation, I would like to thank you for you customized service and prompt on time care that you and your team have provide me and my family making ordering my daughters supplies a pleasure not a hassle .Thank You. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!"

-Michael & Mary, Parents

"I am so excited. I am in tears :D I'm so excited for him. It all worked out for him. I'm so happy thank you so much. To see my little boy smile when he saw his tricycle just made my whole year :) thank you again for working so hard with us. I'm so excited :)"

-Kayla 2017

Thank you again. I know this whole situation wasn't been cheap or easy, but you have done wonders for make it as painless as possible. The Hill-Rom 310 Wound mattress with an Assured Comfort bed is a great combo. Hard to believe we're at this point and he's doing so well, with absolutely no skin issues in spite of practically living in the bed.

-Jo 8/17