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Cascade Dafo Kangaroo Orthotics with Blue Straps

Cascade Dafo Kangaroo Orthotics

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Great for a fully-correctable pronation or supination little one to help re-align base of support the Cascade Dafo Kangaroo Orthotics wraps fully around the foot and ankle for full control and support. With an open anterior to allow for free dorsiflexion and available in both singles and pairs, this is a great addition to help little one’s perfect walking patterns.

  • Comes in singles or pairs with a wide or narrow set for the perfect fit
  • Available with pink or white straps
  • Polyethylene is a more flexible material where co-poly is a more firm support
  • Length and height will be the same

  • Resources – Brochures, Videos and Manuals

    For your little one that exhibits strong toe walking, the Cascade Dafo Kangaroo Orthotics will help to keep those feet on the ground.

    Color: White | Blue
    Name: Cascade Dafo Kangaroo Orthotics
    Manufacturer: Cascade Dafo
    : Kangaroo

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