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Traveling with a child or adult with special needs doesn’t have to be challenging. Planning early is the most important way to ensure a stress-free vacation. Before you book your next vacation, have a list of equipment needs and travel plans ready. The hotel or vacation rental can help plan your accommodations, so have your list of needs ready before you call.

Hotels are required to have accessible rooms available for people traveling with special needs and disabilities. This is great news and opens a lot of possibilities for your travel destination. However, accessible can mean a wide range of things to the individual hotel and doesn’t have to mean ADA compliant. Best practice would be to call the local hotel rather than the global chain to learn about room accommodations.

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Here are a few ideas to start your hotel search:

Room Size and Details
  • Can you easily maneuver your wheelchair around furniture?
  • Is there room for a patient lift if needed?
  • Would you like a first-floor room?
  • Doorways
  • Are the doorways wide enough to fit your wheelchair?
  • If you’re not staying on the first floor, what is the elevator size?
  • Bathroom Accommodations
  • Do you need a barrier free shower or standard tub?
  • Is the bathroom large enough to accommodate a shower/commode chair?
  • Room Choice
  • Are there pictures of the room you are reserving? Pictures on the hotel’s website may be for another location. Always ask to see the actual room you are reserving.
  • Caregiver and Family
  • Are you traveling with family or caregivers?
  • Do you need an adjacent room or a suite that would accommodate a large party?
  • Are you traveling with a service dog and need a pet friendly hotel?
  • Medical Supplies
  • Do you need medical supplies (incontinence products, gloves, etc.) shipped to your hotel?
  • Where is the closest store to pick up medication and supplies?
  • Do you need a refrigerator?
  • Is there ample storage in the room for your supplies?

  • Medical equipment is another area to think about when traveling. Know the list of equipment you are traveling with at the time of booking your hotel room. The hotel will need to know the equipment you are bringing, or if amenities such as a shower chair need to be provided by the hotel.
    Here are a few equipment ideas to consider:

  • Do you need a power overlay for a short-term use?
  • Or do you need to rent a hospital bed?
  • Hygiene and Bath
  • Nuprodx offers a Folding and Rolling Shower/Commode Chair the disassembles to fit into an FAA approved carry on suitcase. This sturdy aluminum shower and commode chair fits over standard and ADA compliant commodes and can roll into barrier free showers. For a stationary tub/commode chair, the Etac Rufus Folding Shower Chair is a compact and flexible shower, tub and commode chair.
  • Transfers
  • Do you need a patient lift during your stay? Ask the hotel if there is enough room for a patient lift as well as if the under-bed clearance will accommodate a lift. If you are looking for a portable and folding patient lift, the Molift Smart 150 easily folds and can fit into a carrying case.
  • Mobility
  • A folding scooter is a great way to get around the airport, amusement park, or a day spent shopping and dining. The EW-Remo 4-Wheel Folding Scooter automatically folds in less than 10 seconds with a wireless remote. It folds compactly to easily transport.
  • If you are traveling with a child who has special needs, a stroller may be a better fit for you. Check out our adaptive strollers that are compliant with Disney’s new standards here.
  • Recreation
  • If you are visiting the beach, hiking trails or hitting the slopes this vacation, the Hippocampe All Terrain Chair is a great option for getting around. It is ideal for the beach and sand, or you can add the ski kit for a fun ski trip. The Hippocampe collapses into a travel bag for easy transportation, and it is very lightweight, only 37 pounds.

  • Make a check list of what you use daily and start preparing to pack early for your vacation. Here are some ideas to start your packing checklist:

    Packing Check List:
  • Medications
  • Chargers and Replacement Batteries
  • Power strips
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Skin Care & Hygiene Necessities
  • First Aid Kit
  • Comfort Items (personal blankets, toys, picture of you dog)

  • This year enjoy your vacation with little to no stress. Plan early and contact the local hotel with your individual needs. Traveling with special needs has never been easier with the help of portable and folding equipment to use while you’re on the go. If you need help selecting travel equipment, contact us today at 877-808-4540 or

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