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Extended Easel by TherAdapt
Extended Easel by TherAdaptExtended Easel by TherAdapt tilted backExtended Easel by TherAdapt tilted ForwardExtended Easel by TherAdapt tilted Forward with adult userExtended Easel by TherAdapt tilted Forward with Child userExtended Easel by TherAdapt 6" Leg Set with 18" Leg SetvExtended Easel by TherAdapt 6" Leg set with 12" Legs

Extended Easel by TherAdapt

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Create a portable desk, a standing desk or a desk custom to your wheelchair or stander with the Extended Easel by TherAdapt. With several leg heights and the ability to adjust them to the users height preference and angle the tabletop to the users liking, this desk is the perfect workspace for travel or home for both children and adults.

  • Angle can be adjusted from horizontal to 60 degrees to perfect eye gaze and head positioning
  • Height adjustable legs come separately and allow you to customize the height
  • Light colored wood is easy to wipe clean and maintain
  • Book ledge allows work to stay in place when tabletop is angled
  • Because legs come off easel, this desk can be portable
  • Please note that if an extra large size is chose, extra large legs are required

  • Additional Information:

    SpecificationsExtended Easel Large Extended EaselX-Large Extended Easel
    Table Top Dimensions24” W x 16” D28” W x 20” D29 1/2” W x 28” D
    Inside Width of Easel Underside22”22”24 ½”
    Inside Width of Leg Set23 1/2”23 1/2”26”

    A workspace that is as versatile as the projects you or your child work on, the Extended Easel by TherAdapt is adjustable for a child in a prone stander or an adult in a wheelchair.

    Color: Wood finish
    Item Number: TA-EE-100 | TA-EE-200 | TA-EE-300
    Name: Extended Easel by TherAdapt
    Configuration: TA-LS-6
    Manufacturer: TherAdapt
    : TA-TE-100

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