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Prone Stander by TherAdapt
Prone Stander by TherAdaptProne Stander by TherAdapt with Tray EaselProne Stander by TherAdapt AngledProne Stander by TherAdapt Angled with Kneeler kit and TableOptional Kneeler KitOptional Footplate RisersOptional Space Bars

Prone Stander by TherAdapt

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Kneeler Conversion Kit
Footplate Riser
Spacer Bar
Tray Easel w/ standard Leg Set

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Socializing is a large part of development for children and with the Prone Stander by TherAdapt, you are allowing your little one to be in social situations while also giving therapeutic benefits to their bodies. With optional accessories and a built in tilt function, this stander allows your child who needs assistance with anterior support to still be able to experience eye to eye contact with friends and family while being supported and getting relief from wheelchair use.

  • Comes in three sizes: Early Intervention, Primary, and Intermediate
  • Standers improve bladder and respiratory function and circulation
  • Allows user to develop appropriate posture and alignment of spine, hips, knees and ankles
  • Stander comes standard with tilt feature. Tilts from 10 degrees to 30 degrees. It also comes with permanent back strap, padded thoracic pads, two pelvic straps, padded, adjustable knee pads and lateral guides, abduction pommel and adjustable depth foot guides
  • Two pelvic straps are adjustable and can be placed in four different slots to be exactly where the user likes them
  • Optional accessories include kneeler conversion kit, footplate riser and spacer bar
  • Kneeler conversion kit is used for those who have tight hamstring muscles or cannot bear weight on lower extremities
  • Footplate Risers are used for those who may be in-between sizes of standers. Similar to a footstool, it raises the stander slightly as the child grows.
  • A spacer bar provides additional paired slots for pelvic straps for your growing child
  • Weight Capacity: 75 lbs | 125 lbs | 150 lbs

  • Additional Information:

    SpecificationsEarly InterventionPrimaryIntermediate
    Weight Capacity75 lbs125 lbs150 lbs
    Product Weight31 lbs44 lbs62 lbs
    Chest Height20” – 28”27” – 34”35” – 43”
    Trunk Width6 ½” – 9 ½”8” -12”9” – 14”
    Distance from Armpit/Chest to Knee (Kneeler Conversion Kit)14” – 20”18” – 27”23” – 35”
    Overall Dimensions18” W x 28” L22” W x 36” L24” W x 45 ½” L

    Experience the many benefits that standing can provide with the Prone Stander by TherAdapt. Available in sizes that will bring your child through the formative years, you can allow them to socialize while being upright in a standing position.

    Item Number: TA-PS-100 | TA-PS-200 | TA-PS-300
    Name: Prone Stander by TherAdapt
    Manufacturer: TherAdapt
    : TA-PS-100

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