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Prone Stander by Rifton, Small
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Rifton Small Prone Stander

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Those who would otherwise seldom achieve a standing posture can benefit from therapeutic positioning with the Rifton Prone Stander.

This is because prolonged sitting or lying risks development of muscle contractures, as well as skeletal deformity, skin ulcers, and problems with circulation, respiration, and digestion. Standing can also alleviate pain or discomfort from other prolonged positions, and can assist healthy skeletal development and lessen progressive scoliosis. In the standing position, in fact, gravity positively affects almost all systems of the body.

Available in three sizes, this product listing is specific to the Small Prone Stander recommended for children from 25" to 48" in height. You'll find the medium- and large-size standers, respectively, in listings among the recommended products at the bottom of this page.

Proper therapeutic positioning is not only essential for healthy physical development but can also be instrumental for effective instruction of students with multiple physical disabilities. It's important to stand children early, before contractures form. With contractures (or shortened, tight muscles) much greater muscular effort is required to stand or walk. The healthy person can gain appreciation for this by trying to walk in a slightly crouched position.

In achieving any vertical angle between 0 and 85 degrees, the Rifton Prone Stander provides abundant support. It's equipped with a padded trunk board, and comes standard with a pair of trunk lateral support blocks, a hip strap, and a footboard.

The small prone stander, in fact, has a unique crisscrossed hip strap to support the trunk while standing. A further option for hip stabilization is a round abductor with or without a hip stabilizer.

Each accessory is height adjustable and the trunk board and footboard can be raised or lowered relative to each other. The adjustments and the attach/detach options enable use by multiple children, and/or enables the caregiver to decrease the overall level of support as the child's motor control improves. Decreasing support to increase the child's motor skills should be a goal.

Additionally, the body pad and lateral support blocks can be removed for cleaning and the S-curved frame, providing foot room for the caregiver to attain close proximity, is available in red, blue or champagne. Double-locking casters prevent roll and swivel during transfers.

Use this chart to determine the appropriate stander:

Key User Dimension: Height

Select the appropriate Prone Stander by the user's overall height. Choose the model that allows for growth.

Important: Make sure that the user's weight does not exceed the maximum working load.

User Dimensions (Inches) Small (E930) Medium (E940) Large (E950)
Height 25 - 48 44 - 59 57 - 72
Item Dimensions (Inches)
Base Length 35 39 43
Base Width 24 26 30
Board Length 23½ (16 w/o kneeboard) 30 39
Board Width (top) 12½ 11 15
Board Width (bottom) 12½ 16 19
Distance between lateral supports 8 - 16 8 - 16 12 - 22
Height when horizontal 29½ 29½ 31½
Height when vertical 38½ 45½ 60
Max. working load (lbs) 100 150 200
Top of Board to Footboard 18 - 35 33 - 43½ 42 - 55
Tray inside width at widest point 22½ 22½


Tray inside length 17½ 17½ 17½

Make a stand for better health!

Manufacturer: Rifton Equipment
: E931

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