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Opti-Cool Headgear offers the highest quality safety helmets on the market. Their helmets have helped people who suffer from disorders such as epilepsy, bleeding disorders, and other various illnesses.

With the helmet, these individuals, not only will feel safer, but enjoy a more independent life. Opti-Cool Headgear helmets come with features such as water resistance, durability, customization, 60 day warranty and single shell EVA Foam.

They have many unique designs if you want to personalize your helmet. With the foam in the helmets being only half an inch thick, the helmet is so comfortable, users often forget that it is being worn! If you and your doctor think that a safety helmet is a good option for you, then look no further than Opti-Cool.

We offer the full line of Opti-Cool products, please contact us for a personalized consultation on the products you are interested in.