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Joy’s Spotlight: Choosing the right sheets and incontinence pads for your hospital therapy mattresses.

Bed Picture The right bed sheets make all the difference when using a therapy mattress on your hospital bed. Low air loss surfaces allow air to pass through the top of the mattress to wick away moisture so it is important to use sheets that do not diminish this effect. Knit or Jersey flat sheets are recommended to prevent bunching on the mattresses which may interrupt the air flow. The movement of an adjustable hospital bed makes a stretchy fabric a good choice. Knit sheets made of 100% cotton are comfortable and allow the air to pass through the mattress surface to the body. While many people like a fitted bottom sheet for its snug fit to the mattress, however a flat sheet with "hospital corners" will also stay in place. When purchasing sheets for a hospital bed always measure the length and width of the mattress. Often, extra long twin sheets will fit therapy mattresses.

If incontinence is a concern, breathable non-plastic incontinence pads are good options as they do not interfere with the air flow of the mattress and but still offer a waterproof barrier. These types of pads are available in both disposable and re-usable waterproof pads.

--- Joy C. RN