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Spotlight Issue: Preventing Pressure Sores (Ulcerations).

Group 1 Therapy Mattress People with limited mobility are often at risk for pressure sores or skin break downs. The most common locations for sores are the tail bone, the side of the hips and the heels of the feet. Heat, moisture, friction, pressure and shearing are factors contributing to skin break downs. Proper repositioning is a key to pressure ulcer prevention by reducing pressure points, overheating and skin moisture. Frequent position changes, every 2 hours, also allows the caregiver to check for incontinence and prevents excessive skin moisture.

Group 2 Therapy Mattress While repositioning is an essential tool in reducing skin breakdowns, specialty therapy mattresses are designed to assist with prevention or healing. Therapy mattresses are divided into Group 1, non-powered, or Group 2, powered. Group 1 mattresses are often foam with features to reduce pressure points. Group 2 mattresses offer alternating pressure, low air loss, lateral rotation or a combination of these features to reduce moisture, pressure and friction.