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Spotlight Issue: Medical Equipment to consider before you bring your loved one home

Group 2 Therapy Mattress Your loved one is being released from a facility to come home! Great news however it often comes with many questions. What equipment is needed to make everyone comfortable and safe? Medical equipment if carefully selected is a powerful tool to assist caretakers and your loved one. During a Care Conference, ask the healthcare team what equipment is currently being used and what they believe will be needed at home. Consider what is needed for sleeping, mobility and hygiene. Your loved one may be prone to pressure sores due to lack of mobility; make sure to ask what mattress surface is currently ordered by the physician.

Group 1 Therapy MattressPowered (group 2) and non-powered (group 1) mattresses/surfaces are available and come in many styles and brands and can help prevent or treat skin breakdowns. Electric hospital beds that go up and down vertically (hi/lo) in addition to lifting the head and foot of the bed, can save the caregivers back and make care and transfers much easier. Save yourself and your loved one anxiety; ask your health care team to help you prepare your home and yourself for the arrival of your loved one.