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Do not let incontinence keep you home! The "Right" Supplies make the difference

Wheelchair Picture Managing incontinence is essential to quality of life for not only the individual with the challenge but also the family providing supportive care.

Molly, age 19, was injured in an automobile accident resulting in a head and spinal cord injury. Since Molly returned home from the rehabilitation hospital, her mother, Susan, has been waking up to the prospect a very wet bed. In addition, after too many "accidents", the family decided to limit outings which Molly could enjoy activities outside her home. A solution was needed!

Working with Adapted Specialties, Susan tested different brands and sizes of incontinent briefs with high absorbency for night time and "away from home" use. Also, a washable, waterproof fabric reuseable underpad was selected to protect Molly’s mattress, home furnishings and for that extra confidence when they travel that comes with reliable incontinence supplies. Not only have they found the "Right" products, Adaptive Specialties’ easy replenishment program delivers supplies to their door every month.

Molly now wakes up in a dry bed on most mornings. Susan is comforted knowing in the event of a leak, she has the fabric pads to protect linens or chairs.

Molly has resumed going on outings and is enjoying the socialization opportunities.

Molly’s (and her primary caregiver’s) quality of life has been significantly improved with the "Right" supplies.

--- by Ann K, RN, BSN, CRRN