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Spotlight Issue: Use a Care Conference to make the transition home care easier

Transfer Lift Transitioning from the hospital to home with your loved one can be a challenging and an overwhelming experience. The goal is to provide good and safe homecare for your family member whom is still sick and weak. You may not have the help of two or more persons you had while at the hospital. Usually a facility will schedule a Care Conference with families. This is a meeting offered to discuss the needs of the individual when discharged to home. If this meeting is not arranged, you can initiate one before you leave the facility. A huge part of your discharge preparation should include training to make sure your skills are proficient to meet the needs of your loved one. The health care team will share schedules and procedures needed to care for your loved one. Nursing assistants and therapists are great resources to provide you with training in turning and transferring techniques you can use at home when providing care alone. Make sure you ask about portable lifts that may be needed to get your loved one into and out of bed or wheelchairs. Understand the supplies you need and store them in an easy to reach location. Never be afraid to ask for clarifications and for training. Being comfortable with the tasks you will be responsible for when you are at home will help make the transition go smoothly.