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Joy’s Spotlight on: Anti-Microbial surfaces for Mattresses

Mattress Picture Are you caring for a love one who has skin issues or incontinence? Having difficulties with soiling of bed linen and surfaces? Hill-Rom has created a technology, Nano Ag (silver), containing antimicrobial properties that can assist in the protecting skin integrity and minimize the development of infection. Several therapy mattresses have Nano Ag technology.

When bodily fluids, from incontinence, wounds, drains, leak into mattress surfaces, microbes can remain in the mattress for days to months even after cleaning. Microbes are tiny organisms like bacteria and fungi that cause disease and infections. Microbes live on warm skin in moist areas and can be linked to skin break downs.

Nano Ag (Silver) is an action of proteins that kill microbes. These silver proteins are made into the polyurethane surfaces of several mattress products, including the popular AccuMax Quantum Mattress. Silver proteins react when moisture is detected to destroy these tiny organisms. Hill-Rom guarantees Nano Ag (Silver) treated surfaces for the lifetime of their mattresses with proper care as instructed. Lastly, these treated mattresses with Nano Ag (silver) can assist in infection control, maintaining skin surfaces and generally lowering overall challenges associated with wounds and complications.

--- Joy C. RN