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Adjustable beds designed for home decor. You do not need to bring the hospital home with you!

Bed Picture There is no doubt good rest and quality of life are directly related. For an individual living with physical disability, the ability to rest and sleep in comfort is integral to their overall health. The bed is one of the most important pieces of equipment that will make a difference. Click for information on Adjustable Beds

Tony, age 28, a professional diver, suffered an anoxic brain injury while working in the shipyard. The accident resulted in profound disability including significant spasticity and functional loss in the movement and strength of his legs and arms. Following intensive rehabilitation, Tony returned to his family home and receives care from his mother and extended family.

Tony’s original bed was a semi-electric, institutional hospital bed. It was a single bed with a standard mattress and no extended length. The head and foot of the bed raised and lowered, however, the bed itself did not raise and lower. There were metal side rails and a plastic head and foot board. This was a standard issue hospital bed.

Bed Picture Tony’s mother noted that it was very difficult for Tony to transfer from bed to standing because of the height of the bed. The bed was too short to accommodate Tony’s 6’2” height and his feet were often found between the mattress and footboard resulting in pressure on his skin that could result in skin breakdown. In addition, the bed was two small for Tony’s 5 year old son to climb in and cuddle with his father. Other family members indicated that it was difficult to hug and be physically close to Tony because of his need for a walker, wheelchair, and supportive chair when he was out of bed. Tony and his family were also in the process of adjusting to this new version of “normal”. Tony was no longer ill, but yet he needs an adapted environment to maximize his quality of life and functional abilities. Tony and his family moved to a new home and it was the desire of all that his bedroom look like a home and not a nursing facility.

With the help of Adapted Specialties, Tony purchased a full powered hospital bed and mattress in a Queen size with extended length. The foot and head of the bed raised and lowered. The entire bed raises and lowers. With careful measuring and coordination, the bed was also compatible with a “sleigh bed” style head and foot board in natural wood which was consistent with the other furnishings in the Tony’s master bedroom suite.

Tony’s families share that Tony’s transfers from bed to standing or to his wheelchair are much easier. The mattress accommodates his entire height. Family members can lie beside Tony and watch TV, read to him or just share human touch. Tony is home.

--- by Ann K, RN, BSN, CRRN