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Amtryke Snappy Seat System
Amtryke Snappy Seat SystemAmtryke Snappy Seat System with headrest and lateralsAmtryke Snappy Seat System reclining

Amtryke Snappy Seat System

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Amtryke wants what is best for it’s riders! The Amtryke Snappy Seat System comes standard with some models but not with others. If you decide later that you would like an adjustable back or just a wider set cushion, the Snappy is a great option for the AM tricycles.

  • Snappy seat system comes standard with bench seat, padded, contoured back and a safety lap t-strap
  • Back rest on Snappy System is adjustable and can be angled in several recumbent positions
  • Notched and Wide Snappy Seats have a 3” notch carved so that the seat may be moved closer for shorter leg lengths
  • If notched seat is moved forward, however, the tricycle cannot use Rear Steering function but you can still use push bar
  • Wide Snappy Seat cannot be used with Separator Cube
  • Wide Seat Cushion is generally used with XL seat back
  • For use with AM-10, AM-12S and 1410 Models

  • Additional Information:

    Snappy Seat System Bench Dimensions10” W x 8”D
    Wide Snappy Seat Dimensions13” W x 10”D

    Get the joy of riding for even the smallest of riders with the Amtryke Snappy Seat System from Adaptive Specialties today!

    Color: black
    Name: Amtryke Snappy Seat System
    Manufacturer: Amtryke
    : 30-04-1551

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