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Adaptive Tricycle by Rifton - Medium
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Rifton Pediatric Adaptive Tricycle - Medium



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The dream of riding a bike, or a tricycle at least, can be realized. Rifton Adaptive Tricycles provide therapeutic, reciprocal exercise with all the fun of riding. This therapeutic trike grows with your child; you adjust it all with the twist of a knob! That's right, no tools. Rifton Adaptive Tricycles meet or exceed all ANSI safety standards for special needs tricycles.

Therapy that's fun and functionally beneficial

Tricycle riding allows children to exercise their lower extremities in a way that's fun while also therapeutic. According to Lori Potts, PT, writing on the Rifton website, "As the muscles move through cycling motions, they are flexed, extended and stretched. This range of motion is crucial for children with disabilities, because muscles are incapable of keeping up with bone growth unless fully extended."

While an activity with a wide range of motion encourages muscles and bones to grow at the same rate, according to Ms. Potts, "cycling has the added benefit of strengthening gross motor control development."

The many accessory options provided for Rifton tricycles allows the child to operate the tricycle to the extent that his or her ability allows.

"Over time," says Ms. Potts, "improved strength of quadriceps, hip extensors, and the ankle muscles, as well as improved trunk stabilization and balance will show itself."

As just one example of how the accessories can be utilized to help motor skills develop, Ms. Potts cites use of the front guide bar. It enables a parent or caregiver to assist in tricycle operation while making eye contact and providing encouragement and motivation. With practice, says Ms. Potts, the child's own spatial awareness will improve, to maneuver the tricycle with increasing independence.

Please be advised, however, that Rifton Adaptive Tricycles are not intended for children with strong involuntary reflexes or with poorly developed trunk balance and/or head control. Consult your child's therapist before ordering Rifton Tricycle frame includes self-levelling pedals with sandals, adjustable back support with belt, and seat belt. One of the many features includes an attached storage tote!

This listing is for the medium-sized tricycle, 160-pound weight capacity (see dimensions below). It's available in three color options (red, blue or lime) with numerous optional accessories to accommodate the special needs of your rider.

View a demo video of Rifton tricycles (6:42).


The table below provides dimensions of all three sizes of Rifton Tricycles. Since this product listing is for the MEDIUM size (R130), it's data column is highlighted in yellow.

Item Dimensions (inches) Small (R120) Medium (R130) Large (R140)

Seat Center to Extended Pedal
(leg length)

 17-22  22-28  25-35
 Overall Height  37  40 53 
 Overall Length  45  52 65 
 Overall Width  27  27 31 
 Wheel Diameter  13  15  19
 Gear Ratio (approx.)  1:1 1:1   1:1
 Seat Sizes (see below) Small or Large Small or Large  Large 
 Tray Sizes (see below) Small  Small or Large  Small or Large 
 Item Weight (lbs.) 47   56 65 
Working Load (lbs.) 150 160 200


Seat Size (inches) Small Large
Seat Dimensions 10 1/2 x 10 1/2 12 x 16


Tray Size (inches)    Small Large
Inside Dimensions 8 1/2 x 12 1/2 11 1/2 x 13 1/2
Maximum Working Load (lbs.) 10 15

The two other sizes of this tricycle can be found in the "related products" below.

Fun and functional, let the good times roll!

Weight Capacity: 160 pounds
Configuration: R132R136R145
Manufacturer: Rifton Equipment
: R130

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