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TheraTogs ULTRA Posture & Torso Align System (PTA)
TheraTogs ULTRA Posture & Torso Align System (PTA)TheraTogs ULTRA Autism Sensory Integration/SPD System -Infant, provides the compressive type of proprioceptive input that has been shown to help children with SI dysfunction or SPD issues

TheraTogs ULTRA Posture & Torso Align System (PTA)

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The TheraTogs ULTRA Posture & Torso Align System (PTA) is a great asset in treating children with Hypotonia, Flexible kyphosis, and more.

  1. Fit the Garment
    • The Hipster provides hip stability and attachment points for the TankTop and for strapping.
    • The TankTop hugs the upper trunk.
    • Together, the Hipster and TankTop create a full body 'field' for postural-assist strapping.
  2. Align the Spine
    • Choose from among 3 strapping applications to improve upper (shown) and/or lower trunk extension.
    • If needed, strap to retract protracted shoulders and stabilize the scapulae.
  3. Add Advanced Strapping
    • Choose a strapping application to assist oblique and/or transverse abdominals to complete the core application.
    • Strap from pelvis to thorax to reduce excess anterior pelvic tilt.
If your client has...The PTA can provide...
HypotoniaShortening of trunk muscles - letting them
work in, and adapt to, a shortened state
Flexible kyphosisImproved posture and respiratory capacity
Flexible lordosis / excess pelvic tiltImproved posture
Difficulty maintaining midline trunk and sitting
balance; weak trunk muscles
Reduced deviations between thorax and
pelvis; increased sensory awareness
Shoulder protraction & scapular abductionGentle shoulder retraction and scapular
NEW GoldTone™ fabric was developed during three years of R&D and field trials to meet the demanding performance requirements of TheraTogs systems. GoldTone is specifically formulated for the demands of biomechanical retraining, and manufactured using a patented fabric finishing process.


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Model Sizing & Selection ChartWeight
Max Shoulder to Hip in inchesMax Hip-to-Knee inches
ModelModel Name
GPTA210 Posture & Torso Alignment System: Pre-School 25–45 13 11
GPTA310 Posture & Torso Alignment System: Pediatric 45–65 15 18
GPTA410 Posture & Torso Alignment System: Petite Adult 65–110 17 20


The TheraTogs ULTRA Posture & Torso Align System (PTA) is a great asset in treating children with Hypotonia, Flexible kyphosis, and more. Order your special person their own "wearable hug" today!

TheraTogs™ are FDA Class I medical devices intended to be issued by, and applied under the supervision of, a licensed healthcare practitioner engaged in neuromotor or sensorimotor retraining. TheraTogs ULTRA systems are made of GoldTone™ - a proprietary and patented Latex-free composite fabric with a unique foam backing made of an aqueous-based elastomeric urethane. TogRite™ strapping is Latex-free, elastomeric strapping with an inert, silicone-based grip surface.

Specifications: pediatric orthosis, tank top, optional advanced strapping, trunk extension, adjustable strapping, medical device,
Color: gold
Item Number: GPTA110, GPTA210, GPTA310, GPTA410, GPTA610, GPTA710, GPTA620, GPTA720
Name: TheraTogs ULTRA Posture & Torso Align System (PTA)
Manufacturer: TheraTogs
: GPTA210

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Great experience!
Maryam (Georiga) 4/29/2022 10:04 AM
Great experience! Fast delivery and customer service was amazing. There was a small change that was requested and your staff made it quickly and easily. Thank you.

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