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Compact, swept-in dual-tube frame provides style of TR Series 3 Titanium Wheelchair from TiLite.
Compact, swept-in dual-tube frame provides style of TR Series 3 Titanium Wheelchair from TiLite.From any angle, elegance abounds in TiLite TR Series 3 Titanium Wheelchair, the frame of which weighs just 3 pounds.Our advisor can assist you with these measurements so that your TR Series 3 Titanium Wheelchair is custom fitted. Seat back height can be between 8.5" and 21" on the TiLite TR Series 3 Titanium Wheelchair.The TiLite TR Series 3 Titanium Wheelchair front-end taper is determined by  distance between front frame tube.

TiLite TR Series 3 Titanium Wheelchair

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Retail: $3,395.00
Your Savings: $564.00 (17 %)

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Seat Width*
Seat Depth*
Footrest Type*
Seat to Footrest Length*
Seat Back Type*
TiShaft Back Release Bars
Push Handles
Seat Back Height *
Non-Folding, Fixed-Height Titanium Seat Back
Available on All Backs
Seat Back Angle - Folding or Non-Folding
Center of Gravity*
Footrest Width
Footrest Width - V-Front End
Rear Wheel Spacing *
Camber Tube Type*
Additional Camber Tube
Front Angle*
Front Seat Width (Seat Taper)*
Ergonomic Seat
Frog Legs Rear Suspension
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Frame Style
Frame Finish (Colors are Approx.)*
Color Anodizing Package
Front Wheels*
Front Forks
Rear Wheel Size*
Rear Wheel Type (see Pg. 5 Order Form)
Spinergy SPOX or LX Spoke Color
Rear Wheel Tire*
Additional Handrim
Handrim Mount*
Wheel Locks*
Back Upholstery Type
Seat Upholstery*
Seat Cushions
Side Guards
Available on Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Non-fendered Side Guards
Armrest Options
Seat Belt
Calf Strap
Back Pack
Seat Pouch
Spoke Guards (not with Mag rear wheels)
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TiLite's Flagship Wheelchair "has more curves, is lighter, more efficient and more elegant than any chair anywhere."

That's TiLite's description of its TR Series 3 wheelchair constructed of titanium, which has "the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal on earth," claims TiLite.

With its new swept-in dual-tube frame, the Series 3 provides these innovations:

  • Most compact TR frame, providing easier transport.
  • Chair width shrinks by up to one inch improving maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Weight of the frame is just three pounds, a decrease of 15%.
  • Dual-tube frame design creates superior frame rigidity and optimal energy transfer.
  • Curved backrest tube further enhances the clean new look.
  • Swept caster arm with bullet caster housing reduces weight and adds yet more style.

Every TiLite frame is tailored to your measurements. This creates a wheelchair that fits like a prosthetic but it also means an assortment of data collection and option selections. For that reason, ordering a TiLite requires phone consultation with our trained staff.

The TR Series 3 provides options to create custom fit!

Technical Specifications
Frame Type Titanium Dual-Tube Rigid - Minimal Adjustability
Frame Styles
  • SuperLite Edition
  • Armed Forces Edition
  • Power Adaptable Frame
  • Reinforced Frame
Total Chair Width* 22"
Weight Limit 265 lbs.
Seat Widths 12” - 20”
Front Seat Widths (Seat Taper) 4 Options
Seat Depths 12” - 20”
Ergonomic Seat 7 Options
Front Seat Heights 15.5" - 21"
Rear Seat Heights 13” - 21”
Front Frame Angles 60º, 65 º, 70 º 75º, 80º, 85º or 90º
Footrest Width OptionsStandard Taper or V-Front End
Cambers0º, 2º, 4º, 6º, 8º, 12º, 15º or 18º
Front Wheels 23 Options
Rear Wheels 65 Options
Handrims 15 Options
Center of Gravity Adjustment 5”
Transport Weight* 9.3 lbs.
  • 6 Titanium Frame Finishes
  • 19 Frame Colors
  • 6 Color Anodize Packages
  • 7 Ultrasuede Colors
  • 8 Spinergy Wheel Colors
* Weights and widths based on 16” x 16” chair with 0º camber, minimum rear wheel spacing and all standard features. Rear wheels are not included in transport weight. For reference, a pair of standard 24” rear wheels weighs 7.2 lbs.

Here's what you need to make your optional selections:

Download (and possibly print) the 12-page

Options Brochure

to help make your selections.
Download (and possibly print) the 8-page

TiLite TR Series 3 Order Form

See the company's

TR Series 3 specifications

Just give us a call at 877-808-4540 or email us at

Our trained staff can guide you through constructing the chair that best fits you and your activities.

Call today for the chair of your dreams.

Weight Capacity: 265 Pounds
Manufacturer: TiLite

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